Robert Stuart Salon stylists

Our stylists come from all over the world. Find out more about who they are & their experience here!



Was born and raised in New York City. He has been cutting hair for 48 years. He says his passion for hair began at the young age of 11 when his sister gave him a perm.



Was born in Greece. She's been specializing in hair color for 25 years and has been at the Robert Stuart Salon since 1999. When it was time to consider her future she knew she loved two things; cooking and beauty. To choose between the two she let the next TV ad decide. "Change your future. Become a chef," came across the screen but Theo chose beauty.




Is from Latvia. She received her initial training at Toni & Guy in Latvia. She's been working as a stylist for 15 years and has been with the Robert Stuart Salon since 2005. She specializes in female and male cuts, color, make-up, including air-brush, and updos for weddings and special occasions. 



Was born and raised in Germany. She has been specializing in cut and color at the Robert Stuart Salon for 9 years. Diana loves her dog, Buddy, and if she could she would live on her own planet with puppies and happiness. 

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Was born and raised in Vietnam. For the last ten of her 23 years styling, Lilly has brought her knack for hair to the Robert Stuart Salon. She loves to listen to classical music while cooking seafood. 



Is from Trinidad. He teaches new stylists everything from brush strokes to cuts at the Empire Beauty School in New York City. Right out of barber school he apprenticed with the Robert Stuart Salon. Ronald is known for his friendship and loyalty.


Is from Nantes, France an has been working at the Robert Stuart Salon for 5 years.  David has also been a stylist in the fashion industry including top magazines and for fashion shows. Aside from styling, David enjoys skiing and runs a web-based hair guide.  



Was born in Columbia and raised in Venezuela. She has been perfecting hair at the Robert Stuart Salon for three and a half years specializing in balayage. Outside of the salon Alex spends her time worshiping God at Church, working out at the gym, and indulging in Italian cuisine.

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Was born in Michigan. Because her dad was in the Navy, she lived in many different places including California, Virginia, and even the Philippines. She's been a hair stylist and make-up artist for 9 years. Lisa went to Devry University for computer programming, but she realized she really loved hair.  The love of her life is Marquis, a Yorkie-Chihuhua mix who visits the salon often. 



Was born in Uzbekistan & raised in NYC. She's been styling with the Robert Stuart Salon for 1 year. Before becoming a stylist, Stella sought after a medical degree as a Pediatrician. After realizing her intolerance for giving shots, she decided to explore her childhood love of braiding by becoming a stylist. Stella says, "I love what I do!"


Is from New York City. He's been styling since 1984. Eddie says he wanted to become a stylist during the Charlie's Angels era. "I wanted to do Farrah Fawcett's hair." Before he began working in a salon he worked as a radio DJ in New York, and Miami.



Is from New York, and was an elementary school teacher before becoming a hair stylist. After styling hair for friends and family, she decided to turn her hobby into a career.  Damaris has been styling hair for 6 years, and loves spending time with with family and cooking.


Is from Ecuador. She specializing in facials and nails.



Is from Lima, Peru.  When asked how long she has been doing nails she responds, "please don't ask, too long".  Aside from working at the salon, Martha enjoys gardening and has two daughters.


Is from Mexico