Winter Trends

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"Hi. Is this the Robert Stuart Salon? Yeah, I'm going to need an appointment STAT! Winter hair trends have arrived!"

With the cold winds and snow fall comes the desire for change. While we say 'Goodbye for now' to our tank tops and peep toes we say 'Hello, again' to our layers and booties. Nothing pairs well with a wrap-around scarf like a fresh, winter haircut to sit a-top it.

Let's play a little word association game. When I say a season you say what hair trends you think of. Ready? Go.

Summer. Did you associate summer with beach waves? I did. 

Winter. Did you associate winter with luxurious, curls destined beneath a trendy beany? I sure did.

But the styling of your seasonal hair isn't the only thing we're dreaming of this Christmas. As for actual color trends? Lilly, a Master Stylist at the Robert Stuart Salon, says it's all about what suits your mood. Are you looking to tone down and sleek up with something dark to match the weather? Or are you desiring something a little brighter to keep up your spirits and holiday cheer?

"Blondes go more natural," said Baiba, Master Stylist. "They tone down a little bit."

While we all know blondes have more fun, they're not the only ones wanting to change up the game this winter. It's no secret dark-haired beauties go darker but what if instead of nearing black this winter, you add red hues?

And sure, laying around in the heat all summer, with bleached hair naturally dries it out but did you know so does walking around in the cold?

Theo, a Head Colorist says, "Being warm inside and then going out into the cold is a shock to the hair."

Whatever you choose to do, managing your color change goes hand in hand with deep-conditioning treatments. The Shu Uemura line offers an extreme restoration treatment called 'Ultimate Remedy' for those of you looking to seriously protect your hair this season.

Anyway you see your future hair just know we're excited to experiment right there with you.