Stylists Learn New Milbon Treatment

Hairstyle and color trends are constantly redefined. Whether it be with the change in season or what celebrities are most recently experimenting with, there is always something new to delve your tedious hair into. And the only way to keep it looking salon ready is to protect it... with products!

Most of us choose stylists based off of their experience and ability to give exactly what we need to feel full and fresh. But also knowing that your stylist is using products that introduce your locks of lust to volume, shine, and care within their salon is ideal. Some may say virgin hair is impossible, but we say, "Try this new Milbon!"

Because you're trusting your stylist with such an important feature, it's vital to know that they're still learning, right?

The Robert Stuart Salon stylists took to their hour long, quarterly classes to learn about what's new to the market. Most recently, the stylists learned from Milbon representatives about a new salon and home care regimen. 

"It was very informative," said Master Stylist, Diana Wright. Wright has been a stylist for 23 years and has practiced with the Robert Stuart Salon for the last eight. "We love the product."

The salon hosted Milbon reps to learn about and experiment with a new, five week treatment beginning at your initial appointment. Following the in-salon treatment, included in the payment, come four, at-home, weekly boosters. Milbon promises that all new products featured in their signature line help to restore the hair's shine and appearance as if you'd just left the salon. Does it get any better than that?

"We have great success with the Noiraudepro (product) and with the take home products," said owner of Robert Stuart Salon, Valerie Rosenthal. "It has been improved with the latest technology."

The salon also offers free treatments to clients twice a year based off of their new product lines featured within the salon.

"We do Wella classes, Kerastase, Shu Uemura, and make-up," Rosenthal said. "I want my staff to be well-informed and current. Knowledge is power."

As for the Milbon course, the Robert Stuart Salon stylists are happy to have tested it out. Their informative gain has left them assured in Milbon's new line.

"You can use it anytime after color treatment, once a month, in between Keratin treatments, for extra, shiny hair for weddings or special occasions," said Wright. "You can really see the results immediately."

To learn more about the treatment, call to book an appointment at the Robert Stuart Salon today.