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It IS a small world

On April 20, 2013
By Jeremiah Rosenthal

On my first day in Manila, I bumped into a long time client in the lobby of our hotel. After 27 hours and three flights and landing on the other side of the world, I see a fellow Upper West Sider. He is in the Philippines filming the Bourne Legacy.
Manila is a very busy place with lots of traffic and commerce. To ease up on traffic congestion, every week day during peak hours only cars with a last digit that is an odd number can be driven certain days and a last digit even number the other days.
Everybody you meet is polite, sweet and generous of their time. And speaking of time, nobody is in a hurry here ( except for cab, jeepney and bus drivers). Jeepneys are old WWII army jeeps reinvented as a public transport. No two jeeps are decorated alike and they are all so colorful. Filipinos are very resourceful and inventive.

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